Driving inclusive growth How DKSH contributes to sustainable, inclusive growth in Asia

Traditional trade outlet

DKSH Chairman Adrian T. Keller and President & CEO Dr. Joerg Wolle provide their views on how DKSH contributes to sustainable, inclusive growth in Asia.

Adrian T. Keller

Mr. Keller: For 150 years, we have been working in and with Asia. We are deeply rooted in communities throughout the region and have established a vast network of relationships. As a company with a long-term focus, we offer employment security and provide stability to the local communities we serve.

In addition, our unmatched capillary distribution network in Asia provides many small, traditional trade outlets, such as mom-and-pop stores, with the products they need in their daily business. Through supporting these microbusinesses – which are often run by a family to support the family – we are contributing to sustainable, inclusive growth in Asia.

Dr. Joerg Wolle

Dr. Wolle: I strongly believe in the concept of inclusive growth – or that simple profit growth, without creating new jobs, is not sustainable. This concept centers on how to ensure that economic prosperity benefits the largest possible number of people, with a focus on productive employment rather than on direct income redistribution.

At DKSH, we have been enablers of globalization, long before the word was coined. We are proud of playing a leading role in furthering inclusive growth in the ASEAN region. Since 2002, the year when the three leading Asia trading houses in Switzerland merged into DKSH, we have created around 14,000 jobs in the region. Many of these jobs were generated in the frontier markets of the Greater Mekong Region – Cambodia, Myanmar and Vietnam.