MES in everyday life In our day to day life, you have more touch points with products provided by DKSH than you can imagine

  • Getting Ready

    1. Ingredients and formulations for personal care products

    2. Personal care and healthare products

  • Eating breakfast

    3. Quality control instruments and ingrediensts for food and beverages

    3. Beverages

    4. Luxury and lifestyle products

  • At the office

    5. Materials for production of artificial leather, fibers and textiles

    6. Advanced systems for manufacturing smartphones components

    7. Printer inks

  • Lunch break

    8. Hospitality equipment

    9. Confectionary products

  • Shopping for jeans

    10. Levi's ® jeans

  • Visiting the Spa

    11. Luxurious skin and hair care products

  • Stocking up in the pharmacy

    12. Medicine, over-the-counter and consumer healthcare products and safe packaging

  • Walking home

    13. Infrastructure equipment

    14. Luxury watches